Vacuum Mixer

Product Code : SAY-SM-VM
Category Title : Liquid Mixer
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Vacuum Mixers are high speed mixers/shredders designed for all kinds of mixing and pre-dispersion/dispersion processes of solids in liquids in a wide viscosity range.

- The mixers, which are designed for moving boilers and tanks of various volumes in a wide range, have very high efficiency and productivity with various motor powers and optimum construction parameters.
- With the variety of models and rich options of the mixers, excellent results can be obtained for any application.
- Complete stainless steel machine main shaft that can operate without vibration even at idle thanks to its rigid body construction.
- Electro - hydraulically controlled upper body descent and ascent.
- Rigid fixing wedge for upper body guiding.
- Easy to use speed control system (with frequency converter)
- Powerful and reliable hydraulic clamping system (Standard with bowl clamping safety device in all our mixers)
- Adjustable bowl resting-centring system
- Electrical safety equipment ensuring the safety of the machine operator during operation.
- Push-button controlled analogue operator panel with TFT-LCD display on the electrical panel.
- All machine parts in contact with the product are stainless steel.