Vertical Label Machine

Product Code : SAY-END-ETK-DKY
Category Title : Vertical Label
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- Automatic wrapping labeling machine is used to stick partial or full wrap labels on cylindrical, conical, hexagonal or square shaped bottles, jars, boxes and similar products fed on the conveyor belt or coming from the filling line.
- For high speed and precise labeling, the conveyor belt, product spacing system and label wrapping band are driven by independent motors with speed adjustment.
- Transparent label microswitch, coding unit for printing information such as production date / serial number, two-axis conical product micrometric angle adjustment system, product feeding and collecting rotary tray, safety cabinet with interlock lock system, optional extra attachments that can be adapted to the camera control labeling machine.
- Labeling modules of Italian ALTECH company are used in all models.
- Depending on the nature of the labeled product, different sizes and qualities of plastic belt or pallet conveyor belts are used.
- Hexagonal or square jars can be labeled with special attachments of wrap-around labeling machines.

Simple Settings:
- All settings in the wrapping labeling machine are made by hand flywheels. Thus, different products can be easily adjusted within a few minutes.

Wrapping Tape:
- The wrapping band, which is used to wrap the product and wrap the label on the product, is driven by an independent motor-reducer and is speed adjustable with inverter. The wrapping tape is of different types for each application depending on the nature of the product and the type of the label, and there are dozens of different engraved tape types. This ensures wrinkle-free and bubble-free labeling for different types of products.

Product Spacing Systems:
- In order for the products to be labeled properly, a gap should be given before the products come to the labeling part. Different types of product spacing systems, each of which has a unique SAY design, are used in wrap-around labeling machines, depending on the product type and the desired capacity. Spacing systems are in the form of independent motor-reducer driven inverter-speed-adjusted spacing wheel, side band, spiral or pneumatic piston.

Main Chassis:
- The main structure of the wrapping labeling machine consists of AISI 304 quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum. It is suitable for GMP with its long-lasting materials and hygienic design.

User Friendly Remote:
- The control console of the wrapping labeling machine is placed ergonomically. Since all the settings of the labeling machine are made from the control console, there are no difficult mechanical settings in other labeling machines.

- Each top labeling machine produced in SAY is tested in terms of compliance with CE standards and compliance with safety directives, and design and production records are kept in SAY archives.

- Label Width: Max: 100mm(E,S)/200mm(EM,M)/300mm(L)
- Conveyor Belt Widths: 40mm, 80mm (standard), 150mm, 250mm (belt) / 83mm (standard), 114mm, 152mm, 191mm (crawler)
- Conveyor Belt Lengths: 2000mm (standard), 2500mm, 3000mm
- Control: Microprocessor with touch screen: 40 type memory (ALritma) / Microprocessor with LCD display (ALstep)
- Standard Alarms: End of roll / Label broken
- Labelled Product Counter: Standard
- Label Roll Diameter: 300mm max (41/76mm Core Diameter) standard / 400mm max (76mm Core Diameter) optional
- Coding Unit (Hot Foil or Thermal Transfer: Optional
- Max Labelling Speed: 15-90 mt/min (depending on labelling module)
- Label Positioning: Electronic (mm)
- Missing Label Disposal System: Standard
- Power Consumption: 800 W
- Electrical Supply: 240V - 50Hz - single phase (ECO model 380V - 50Hz - three-phase)

- Transparent Label Sensor
- End of Roll Warning Device
- Speed Synchronisation with encoder
- Safety Cabin