Dissolver Mixer

Product Code : SAY-END-MKS-S-DSSL
Category Title : Liquid Mixer
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- It is a multi-purpose mixer designed for various mixing processes of pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and similar sectors.
- According to the properties of the product to be mixed, the size and/or power can be changed.
- This machine has a minimum of 2 mixers and the number of mixers can be increased to 4 according to the product to be mixed.
- The top cover is separated from the tank by the upper head lifting mechanism with a special bearing system.
- In addition, thanks to this system, cleaning of the machine is made simple.
- Boiler volume is 1000 litres.
- Depending on the type of product to be produced under the tank, homogeniser of different types and speeds can be added.
- Optionally, PLC controlled and touch screen process control can be made (vacuum, speed, pressure, temperature controls).

- 1000 lt
- 37 kw 1400 engine
- 4 kw hydraulic unit
- 4 kw mixer motor (dual)
- Panel: 50 x 60 x 2000
- Speed control unit
- Control panel on the side
- Hydraulic part will be closed
- The machine will not work when it is up
- Lighting lamp
- Loading hatch: 350 x 500 mm
- Will have twin propellers
- The second propeller will be adjustable