Linear Automatic Filling

Product Code : SAY-END-DLM-LNR-O
Category Title : Liquid Filling
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Fully Automatic Filling Machine:
Fills various types of tin, can, quex, pvc, glass, bottle, etc... volumetrically with electro-pneumatic system by means of precise weight-adjustable dosing pumps. Nitrogenation and odour absorbing aspiration systems are also optionally available.

Filling products:
Suitable for liquid and semi-liquid products such as pharmaceuticals, cologne, shampoo, glass wipe, liquid agricultural, pesticides, herbal, mineral oils, cleaning products.

- Filling Range (kg): 3-25
- Capacity: 160
- Filling Accuracy: 0.2%
- Number of Filling Head: 1
- Working Pressure (bar): 6
- Electricity Consumption (kW/s): 0.55