Boiler Discharge Press

Product Code : SAY-END-PRS
Category Title : Boiler Discharge Presses
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These are the machines that do not have the ability to flow automatically and are used for unloading high viscosity products from the boiler where they are prepared. They are specially designed to be used with Vacuum Type Dissolvers, Butterfly Dissolvers and Planetary Type mixers. It is widely used for taking high viscosity products with various properties out of the production vessels or filling them with a dosing unit. The machine, which is generally used in the construction chemicals production sector, performs the filling or discharging process by pressing even very dense products out of the boiler without difficulty, thanks to its structure and operating system.

General features:
- The press base is buried in the ground to be zero to the ground.
- The wheeled boiler to be emptied is brought under the press and placed on the elevator mechanism.
- The hydraulic system first lifts the boiler up so that the wheels are cut from the ground and the boiler sits on its base.
- With the locking system, the boiler is fixed in a way that it hangs in the air and stays on its base.
- The hydraulic press goes down and discharges the product in the boiler from the outlet valve on the bottom of the boiler and suspends the boiler again.
- The evacuated boiler is lowered to the ground and pulled from under the press.

- Hydraulic Discharging Presses are completely designed according to the boiler to be discharged and the chemical properties of the product to be worked.
- The press cover that enters the boiler is in a size to fully scrape the edges of the boiler and has a sealing gasket. There is no leakage between the cover and the boiler during unloading. (The inside of the boilers to be worked must be turned).
- Parameters such as engine power, hydraulic system pressure, hydraulic cylinder dimensions, machine body dimensions etc. are completely calculated according to the boiler dimensions, product quantity and product properties and the machine is designed accordingly.
- Main Engine Power (kW): 4
- Pressure (Max Bar): 180
- Hydraulic Stroke (mm): 1000
- Pressure Plate Diameter (mm): 1000
- Discharge Volume (LT): 1000