Horizontal Powder Mixer Half Opening

Product Code : SAY-END-MKS-T-Y
Category Title : Powder Mixer
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Industrial horizontal powder mixer machines are tools used for effective mixing of materials and obtaining a homogenous consistency. Such machines are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and similar industries. It has a practical use and provides operators with a user-friendly experience. The control panel and settings are specially designed to facilitate operation. In addition, it also has features that facilitate cleaning and maintenance processes. It is equipped with a control panel that has user-friendly designs for the convenience of operators, ergonomic structure and simplifies operation. It also has a special structure to facilitate cleaning and maintenance processes. It is a product that offers flexibility to users with different capacity options. We produce in various sizes in accordance with the needs ranging from small workshops to large industrial facilities. They have a robust structure that offers long-lasting use. Their bodies made of stainless steel or cast iron are resistant to harsh working conditions. Provides a reliable, performant experience in intensive production environments. They have large capacity and powerful motors and can process large quantities of material. They are generally preferred for mixing materials in powder, granule or liquid form.

- Production between 1000 LT and 6000 LT.
- Fast and efficient mixing.
- Durable and replaceable pallets.
- Driveable pallet against abrasion.
- Emergency switch.
- Main Motor Power (Kw):
- Mixing Speed (rpm):
- Total Volume (Lt):
- Useful Volume (Lt):

- Explosion-proof design.
- Optionally recipe controlled.
- Semi-automatic or fully automatic PC/PLC control systems.