Basket Shaft Mixer

Product Code : SAY-END-MKS-S-BSK
Category Title : Liquid Mixer
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Basket Mill Mixers are designed to meet the needs arising from today's modern wet grinding processes. The main purpose is to simplify wet grinding processes, to eliminate the need for extra boiler pumps, hoses, piping systems, etc., which are difficult to clean, and to obtain a narrower particle distribution in a shorter time.

Working Principle:
The high-speed disc under the basket suctions and pulls the product to be crushed from the upper part of the basket into the conical mouth grinding chamber. Other rotating discs in the grinding chamber perform the grinding / crushing process by giving the necessary energy and movement to the crushing / grinding balls in the chamber. There is a large and high permeability sieve system under the basket. While this sieve ensures that the product passing through the grinding chamber returns to the boiler, it keeps the crusher / grinder balls in the grinding chamber. The product, which is crushed and passes through the sieve, is thrown towards the walls of the bowl by means of the centrifugal force created by the high-speed disc under the basket, with the help of the conical structure of the bottom of the bowl, the product re-enters the grinding chamber from the top and circulation is provided.

- Basket Mill Mixers have very high efficiency. Since more circulation is provided per unit time, crushing times are shortened and energy consumption is reduced.
- Since the products to be processed are processed in a single vessel from the beginning to the end of the process, the need for extra vessels, pumps, hoses and pipe systems is eliminated and pre-dispersion (pre-mixing) times are shortened.
- Both the walls of the product preparation vessels and the grinding chambers of Basket Mill Mixers have an effective cooling system thanks to water jackets. In this way, the product temperature can be optimally controlled during the process.
- If the product structure changes during the process, the necessary binder, solvent or other additives can be easily added without stopping the process.
- Cleaning of the grinding chamber and internal parts, crusher/grinder balls is also very fast and practical.

General Features:
- Moving parts made of high strength materials.
- In order to shorten the cleaning time, the main shaft, basket system, support shafts, lower turbine disc, etc., which are in direct contact with the product, are made of complete stainless steel with high surface quality.
- Electro-hydraulic controlled upper body landing and take-off.
- Main shaft speed control with frequency converter.
- Powerful and reliable hydraulic clamping system with electro-hydraulic control. (With boiler clamping safety device.)
- Boiler centring system to ensure that the boiler to be processed can be placed exactly in the spindle centre.
- Standard, pneumatically controlled, manhole, ventilation flanged, illuminated aluminium boiler cover.
- Standard electrical safety equipment (to ensure the safety of the machine operator during operation).
- Body mounted, functional, button controlled control panel with LCD display.
- Possibility to use various crushing/grinding balls for optimum crushing results.