Rotary Liquid Filling

Product Code : SAY-END-DLM-RTY-LKT
Category Title : Liquid Filling
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- Rotary table filling machine is usually designed with 1 or 2 nozzles to meet the needs of the customer.
- It is generally preferred in cosmetics, food, chemistry and medical sectors.
- Automatic volumetric liquid filling machines are designed to fill liquid / semi-liquid products with high precision and performance.
- Empty bottles left on the linear flow conveyor automatically come under the filling nozzles.
- The product to be filled is fed to the filling heads, from the stock tank or from the level-controlled intermediate balance tank mounted on the machine.
- The machine fills the product into the bottles at the adjusted speed. As the filled bottles go to the capping machine for capping operation, they automatically leave their place to the newly arrived empty bottles.
- The number of filling heads of the machine varies according to the targeted capacity, depending on the characteristics of the product to be filled and the packaging form.
- Low / high viscosity, granular, liquid / semi-liquid products are successfully filled with different materials required to fill the product, manufactured in different designs, filling heads and nozzles.
- The amount of product to be dosed in the packages can be adjusted precisely and there is no problem of dropping after filling in the machine.
- If there is no packaging under the nozzles, the machine will not fill.
- The operator in charge of feeding empty packaging can easily interfere with the machine setting buttons from the control panel.
- Cleaning on the machine is done in a short time and without the need to disassemble the cleaning liquid by passing the cleaning liquid through the filling head with high surface quality machined parts.
- All functions of the machine with PLC, which is suitable for CE and can work smoothly in wet areas, are controlled from the operator panel. In case of possible problems, the machine gives an alarm with a written warning light first and then stops the cause of the malfunction with user-friendly and guiding screen commands (entry / exit blockages, etc.)
- With the standardized spare parts support from the stock, the machine works for many years without any problems and without the need for external service.

- Filling Accuracy: (+-) 0.3 ml %
- Total Power: 2 kW
- Filling Quantity: 10cc-250cc / 50cc-500cc / 100cc-2000cc
- Filling Capacity: 1000 pieces / hour