Planetary Mixer

Product Code : SAY-END-MKS-S-PLN
Category Title : Liquid Mixer
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Multi-functional planetary mixers are machines used in patisseries, dining halls, restaurants and hotel kitchens thanks to their interchangeable apparatus that can perform mixing, mixing and kneading processes. Boiler and exchangeable apparatus are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The whisk attachment is used for the preparation of liquid creams and eggs. The mixing apparatus is used to prepare solid soft dough, cake dough, sauce varieties, meat and mashed potatoes. With the kneading apparatus, bread, puff pastry, donuts and yeast-free dough can be kneaded.
Scope of application:
- It is used for homogeneous mixing of high viscosity liquid or liquid-powder mixtures in high viscosity range and under vacuum in a short time. It is widely used in the manufacture of all kinds of adhesives, in the food industry and in areas that require the mixture of materials such as paint paste and chemical paste.
Other Features:
- There is a vacuum unit design that can prevent air bubbles formed in the mixing process. During the mixing process, the mixing process can be monitored from inside the closed vessel, thanks to a viewing window and lighting system.
- During the mixing process, the bowl is held and fixed by a pneumatic holding mechanism.

- Whisk speed: 2-3

- Whisking capacity: 25 lt / 120 eggs

- Mixing speed: 1-2

- Mixing capacity: Mayonnaise 10lt thick sauce batter

- Kneading speed: 1

- Kneading capacity: 8kg meat paste / 6kg flour / dense sauce batter