Helix Air Filling

Product Code : SAY-END-DLM-HLZ
Category Title : Powder Filling
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- It offers the most suitable solution for the packaging of medium and high density granule, powder, fine powder and ground products.
- After the product is filled up to the level sensor in the machine hopper, the upper flap of the hopper is closed, the product lubricated by the air duct is then filled into the bag by giving low pressure air from the upper part.
- Single, double and triple filling nozzle models are available according to the capacity requirement.
- Electronic, 'Load-Cell' weighing unit and fast and slow filling system ensures continuous precise weighing. Air type ventilated bag packing machine, which works on the basis of gross weighing, performs the weighing process while filling.

- Capacity: (may vary) bags/hour
- Available Bags: PP, PE, Kraft...
- Filling Weight: (may vary)
- Weighing capacity: (may vary) kg
- Material: (may vary)
- Material to be packed: (may vary) micron