Turbine Filling Machine

Product Code : SAY-END-DLM-TRB
Category Title : Powder Filling
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Valve Bag Filling:
- It offers the most suitable solution for packaging fine and grinded products with medium and high density flow.
- The product in the machine chamber is filled into the bag with a 4-bladed turbine drive and air support.
- Filling speed of the machine may vary depending on the density and fluidity of the product.
- Filling electronically with loadcel and inductor, they fill quickly and slowly, precisely.

Products Used:
- Cement, cement sand, chemical mixtures, joint gaps, gypsum, plaster, barite, various chemicals


- Capacity: (may vary) bags/hour
- Available Bags: PP, PE, Kraft...
- Filling Weight: (may vary)
- Weighing capacity: (may vary) kg
- Material: (may vary)
- Material to be packed: (may vary) micron